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Wide Rung Flexible Sided Ladders

Flexible sided ladders are a cost effective, lightweight solution for temporary access to confined spaces and difficult to reach locations. Even with minimal training, ladders can easily be transported and rapidly deployed for use. Personnel utilizing ladders should always use a separate fall protection system for safety. Construction: The rungs are hollow tubes with a dowel insert. Rungs are secured to the side wire ropes with pins and resin. A pin is driven through the center of the rope into the dowel and set in resin to form a solid block inside the rung. A plastic cap is then pushed in to seal the rung end. Black rungs are cut to size and drilled before treatment to ensure that the alloy tube is 100% anodized. Compact Ladders General purpose ladder for ascending/descending. Used for applications such as manhole entry, caving, and access to lighting truss. With fitness and a little practice, they are easy to climb.

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LD39046 1Mx30cm 4mm gal wide rung
LD39047 1Mx25cm 4mm gal blk rung
LD39052 8MM Poly Rope w/30cm rung
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