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Sked® Evac Tripod


The small head and extra-long aluminum legs make this tripod the perfect choice for simplicity and performance. When fully extended, the head is ten feet high and the tripod can support a load up to 5280 lbf. The load capacity increases as the leg extension is reduced.

Key Features:

  • Legs are adjustable in 5” increments
  • Fully extended height of 10 ft at the anchors
  • Tripod legs are secured with chains to prevent them from spreading under load
  • 3 anchor points
  • Winches and other attachments available

Weight: 71 lbs 0 oz (32.200 kg)

EN 795 | CE |

Click here to download the Sked® Evac Tripod instructions

SKU# SK700

Price: $1,419.34

Product Option Price  
Sked® Evac Tripod Tripod $1,419.34
Sked® Evac Tripod Tripod case $99.28